30 June 2023 Horoscope

30 June 2023 Horoscope Today, Rashifal, Lucky Colour, Astrological Prediction for Zodiac Signs.

Aries: Money saved by you will come to use today. Grandchildren would be a source of happiness. Your gloomy life may give tension to your spouse. Don’t give important files to your boss until you are sure that it is complete. Don’t share your deepest secrets with acquaintances. You might feel troubled due to your spouse today.

Lucky Colour: White.

Auspicious Time: 5.30 pm to 7 pm.

Remedy: Apply Tilak of white sandalwood paste on the forehead before meeting your lover, and enhance your relationship.

Taurus: Avoid overeating to stay fit. Investment in antiques will be beneficial. You will enjoy with your friends. However, control your expenditure while being with friends. Do not doubt your lover. Enemies at work might become friends with you. Evaluate your shortcomings during free time. You will have an amazing time with your spouse.

Lucky Colour: Yellow.

Auspicious Time: Before 4 pm.

Remedy: Use Gangajal for auspicious health benefits.

Gemini: Be optimistic. You could find yourself in an exciting situation. You will receive support from your family members as well as friends. Enjoy the company of your lover. You will feel good at workplace. Your colleagues and boss will appreciate your work. Businessmen will earn profits. You may come back from office and get involved in your favourite hobbies. Your married life will be blissful.

Lucky Colour: Yellow.

Auspicious Time: 10 am to 11 am.

Remedy: Living a disciplined life will automatically bring cheer to the family.

Cancer: People of this  zodiac sign may find it difficult to control their emotions. Your unusual behaviour will confuse people around you and leave you frustrated. Investment in antiques and jewelry will give you profits. Love life seems to be good. Somebody may flirt with you. Think twice before taking any new project. Don’t take any decision in a haste as you will regret it later. Your spouse might tell you some not-so-good things about you today.

Lucky colour: Blue
Auspicious time: 5.30 pm to 6 pm
Remedy: Use Gangajal for auspicious health benefits.

Leo: Today, you will have a lot of time for yourself. Go out for a walk or get indulged in any physical activities for your good health. Improvement in financial situation likely and this will help you make some important purchases. Someone you live with will get irritated with your action today. Success would be yours if you stay focused on your work. Your personality is slightly different from others, you like to spend time alone. Today, you will be occupied with office work. Your life partner is truly your angle, you will experience it today.

Lucky colour: Red
Auspicious time: 4.30 pm to 6 pm
Remedy: De-clutter and throw away scrap such as old clothes, newspapers etc., from your home for happiness in the family.

Virgo: Try to improve your mental toughness, for a contented life. You need to learn when and where to spend your hard-earned money, otherwise you will have to regret in future. People you live with will get annoyed if you have been ignoring your household duties. You will face criticism from your colleagues for your dominating attitude. You can spend your time with a friend today, but you must avoid consuming alcohol during the time. Your wife will show his/her angelic side to you today.

Lucky colour: Green
Auspicious time: 4 pm to 7 pm
Remedy: Offering help and service at any religious institution will help in flourishing trade/business/career.

Libra: Discard the gloom that is engulfing you and disrupting progress. You may get into a tiff with your beloved today over financial matters. However, you calm attitude will resolve all differences. Visit a relative who is unwell. On work front, it seems today is the appropriate day to develop professional contacts in other nations. You might face difficulties in near future if you  spend more time with friends. Today, you will realize your spouse is truly your angel.

Lucky colour: Orange or brown

Auspicious time: Before 6 pm

Remedy: Use pure honey in everyday life for peace in family.

Scorpio: You must sit back and relax today. Get involved in hobbies that you enjoy doing the most. Any investment on the advice of one unknown person will get you benefits today. Enjoy the day with family members in a peaceful and quiet manner. Don’t let problems of others bother you. Today, it seems you might be unable to express your feelings to beloved. If you want to do better at work, then try and infuse new technologies. Be updated with the latest tricks and techniques. Students of this zodiac sign will find it difficult to concentrate on studies. You might also waste your time on friends. Your spouse will be too much engrossed with his/her work today causing you to feel upset.

Lucky colour: Purple

Auspicious time: 10 am to 12 pm

Remedy: Chant ॐ ऐं ह्रीं श्रीं शनैश्चराय नमः (Om Aym, Hreem, Shreem Shanaisharaaya Namaha) 11 times, twice a day, to increase intimacy with beloved.

Sagittarius: Even though you have lots of energy, work pressure might irritate you. Explore the investment opportunities that come your way today. But it’s advisable to commit yourself after studying the viability of the projects. At home, festive atmosphere will lessen your tension. Ensure you participate in these festive occasions rather than being a mute spectator. Spend time with your partner to understand each other better. You must come back from office and get into some of your favourite hobbies. This will sooth you. Today, you will get enough opportunities to cherish the marital life.

Lucky colour: Jade green

Auspicious time: 5 pm to 7 pm

Remedy: Keep the roots of Ashwagandha herb wrapped in variegated clothing for business success and career advancement.

Capricorn: Your mental toughness may help you overcome harsh situations. There could be sudden inflow of cash and that would help you take care of your expenses.  Attending social events may help you build new contacts.   You may spend a wonderful evening with your spouse.

Lucky Colour: Pink.

Auspicious Time: Between 10 am and 12 pm.

Remedy: Pour milk-offering on the Banyan tree and apply the wet soil as tilak on your forehead.

Aquarius:  You may feel offended by your friend’s cold attitude.  You may acquire money from an unknown source.  That may resolve many of your financial troubles.  Sharing any kind of secret with others may not end well for you. On the professional front, you may receive some additional responsibilities. Your better-half may support you in your difficult times and that would be enough to make you feel better.

Lucky Colour: Orange.

Auspicious Time: Between 2 pm and 3 pm.

Remedy: Feed seven types of whole grains to birds.

Pisces:  Your kind nature may bring many happy moments.  If you had borrowed money from someone, it’s high time you repay the amount immediately.   Your family may need your attention.  Your love-life would be romantic.  People in creative fields may have a successful day. Your conjugal life would be immensely blessed.

Lucky Colour: Red.

Auspicious Time: Between 6 pm and 7 pm.

Remedy: Recite ‘Om Hanumathe Namaha’ 11 times early in the morning.

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