22nd March 2023 Horoscope Today

22 March 2023 Horoscope Today, Rashifal, Lucky Colour, Astrological Prediction for Zodiac Signs

Aries:  Have patience and make continuous efforts to be successful in life. If you work or study by staying away from home, then learn to stay away from such people who waste your money and time. People you live with will not be very happy with you- regardless of what you do to please them. One-sided infatuation will prove disastrous today. People of this zodiac sign will get plenty of time for themselves today. You can use this time to fulfill your desires, read a book or listen to your favorite music. Rude behavior of your spouse will affect you today. An important decision with family might be taken today.

Lucky colour: Orange
Auspicious time: 3pm to 4pm
Remedy: For a flourishing love life, distribute saffron-coloured sweet pudding amongst the poor and needy.

Taurus: Issues related to money might get solved today and you can attain financial benefits. Children might seek your help to complete school projects. Your soulmate will think about you all day. Before starting any new task or project, talk to those who have gained ample experience in that field. If you have time today, meet them and seek their suggestions and advice. Good day for you as far as your marital life is concerned. In order to eliminate your life problems, you can meet a psychologist today.

Lucky colour: Pink
Auspicious time: 5.30 pm to 7.15 pm
Remedy: Donate bronze vessels at Lord Vishnu or Goddess Durga temple and enjoy great health.

Gemini: Your energy level will be high today but you might get irritated due to work pressure. Those who have borrowed money from anyone may have to repay the loan under any circumstances. In such a manner, it can weaken your economic situation. A better understanding with your spouse brings in happiness-peace and prosperity at home. Your darling might expect some time along with gifts today. Take some time out for your family members. Today, you might get some bad news from someone living abroad.

Lucky colour: Blue
Auspicious time: 3 pm to 6 pm
Remedy: Take care of Holy Basil plant at home to avoid getting bored

Cancer: You might meet some high-profile persons today, who will give to some tips for your professional growth . You can acquire money from an unknown source today, which will resolve many of your financial troubles. Auspicious day for giving and receiving gifts from those you love. Your careless attention to your sweetheart might bring in the tensed moments at home. Today, due to any party or get-together at your home, your time can get wasted. Your spouse may disturb a plan or project of yours; don’t lose patience.

Lucky colour: Brown
Auspicious time: 10 am to 12 pm
Remedy: Chew cardamom, before meeting with your lover. This will bring in auspiciousness in love life.

Leo: Those who are looking for fun today is the right day for them. You can spend a lot on partying with friends. Despite this, your financial side will be strong today. You can expect to receive gifts from relatives and friends. It will be an exciting day as your beloved might gift you. You will get a lot of free time today. Hence, utilise the free time by playing a game or going to the gym. Your spouse will forget the differences and embrace you with love. You will visit malls or shopping complexes with your family. Expenses today are likely to increase.

Auspicious Time: 6 PM to 7 PM

Lucky Colour: Sky blue

Remedy: Put black-white marble pieces in plant pots to remain happy and enthusiastic.

Virgo: You are set to enjoy life to the fullest. Invest in stocks and mutual funds for long-term gains. You can expect an old friend later the day. You will love to spend your time in solitude. It would get you benefits. Your spouse is likely to fight with you as you may forget to share something with him/her. Sitting beneath a tree will relax you and make you realise the lessons of life.

Auspicious Time: 4:15 PM to 5:15 PM

Lucky Colour: Purple

Remedy: Relationship with the loved ones will be stronger by taking good care of pet dogs.

Libra: Self-trust is the need of the hour as you fight a prolong illness. You must talk to your family members today on investment and savings. You will be able to improve your financial situations if pay attention to their advice. This is the day to attract attention of others without doing much. You must forgive your beloved today. You can spend free time on surfing on mobile or watching TV. Even though your spouse will be annoyed, you will not show any interest in talking to him/her. If your plan to meet someone gets cancelled because of your spouse’s health, you will be able to spend a better time together. You will talk to your father in a friendly manner which will make him happy.

Auspicious Time: 10:30 AM to 11:45 AM

Lucky Colour: Purple

Remedy: Wear a seven mukhi Rudraksha for disease-free life.

Scorpio: You must take care of your mental health as mind is the gateway of life. It helps solving life problems. Today, businessmen of this zodiac sign must stay away from the family members who ask for financial help and do not return it later. It’s advisable you do not share your personal matters with acquaintances. In your free time, you will undertake the tasks that you had planned or thought of doing but were not able to carry out. The day is all about romance with your partner. The day on which you have much to do, you might feel lonely. Try to brush aside the loneliness and have great time with friends.

Auspicious Time: 10 AM to 11 AM

Lucky Colour: Cream

Remedy: By distributing food items among young girls, your family happiness will increase.

Sagittarius: Your health would remain well. Financial crisis may resolve to some extent. Friends and family members would be encouraging. You may expect a surprise gift. The day could be an unusual one for your married life.   Negative thoughts may trouble you. You could keep yourself busy by reading books or watching some entertaining movie or even go out with friends.

Lucky Colour: Light shade of Blue.

Auspicious Time: Between 1 pm and 2pm.

Remedy: Get a marble idol of your deity and worship it.

Capricorn: You may want to avoid a serious attitude. Keep your money safe. Your charm and personality would make you new friends.  You may feel highly sensitive in your love life.  You may have to learn to utilize your time in a better way.  Your spouse may get busy with his/her friend and that may upset you.  Meditation and yoga would help you feel better.

Lucky Colour: White.

Auspicious Time: Between 2 pm and 3pm.

Remedy: Have milk and curd.

Aquarius: Pleasure trip with your friends or family members may relax you. Financial benefits may come your way. Evenings with friends could be well-spent. Your beloved would value your love more than ever. Your spouse may remind you the time of your teenage today along with some notorious stuff. Start any project or task with a clean slate than overthinking about its consequences. Focus on your work, and concentrate well.

Lucky Colour: Pink.

Auspicious Time: Between 6:30 pm and 8 pm.

Remedy:  Afloat red plants in water.

Pisces: Your quarrelsome behaviour would add to your enemy list. Don’t let others make you angry enough to do something that you would regret later on. There may be some financial benefits. Today, you’ll be proud of your child. Make sure you have approval of others before you make changes to your home environment. Power of love gives you a reason to love. Your ability to help those in need will bring you respect. You may fall in love with your spouse again. Daydreaming is not that bad, provided you generate some creative ideas out of it. And you may do this, as you have ample time.

Lucky Colour: White.

Auspicious Time: Between 7 pm and 8 pm.

Remedy: Donate a cow and improve your health.

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