20 June 2023 Horoscope

20 June 2023 Horoscope Today, Rashifal, Lucky Colour, Astrological Prediction for Zodiac Signs.

Aries: Avoid overeating. Chances of financial loss. Be cautious of friends and strangers alike. There will be opportunity of making love. Your hard work will show colors. Someone from your past is likely to contact you. You will have a romantic time with your spouse.

Lucky Colour: White.

Auspicious Time: 12 pm to 2 pm.

Remedy: Worship Lord Shiva and attain good health.

Taurus: Share happiness with others for good health. Chances of recovery of delayed payments. Suitable day for planning something exciting and entertaining with friends. Use your intelligence to sort matters at workplace. Love will be in the air for you.

Lucky Colour: Green.

Auspicious Time: 4 pm to 5 pm

Remedy: Offer eight pieces of coal in flowing water for a rewarding professional life.

Gemini: Suitable day to improve your health. Expenses might increase but inflow of money will increase as well. An old contact might create some problems for you. Personal relationship may be affected due to difference of opinions. Things will be nice at workplace. Your mood will be good at workplace. Your spouse’s behaviour might disturb your professional relations.

Lucky Colour: White.

Auspicious Time: 4 pm to 5 pm.

Remedy: Lighting Loban incense stick at home will be good for domestic life.

Cancer: You will introspect your decisions that you have taken in life. Time for self-realisation and rectify errors. You will be able to discover unknown aspects of your mind and personality. Avoid overeating out of stress. Don’t trust others while planning to make investment in joint venture. You will focus on social work and get engaged in charity. Time will be favourable for you at work. Your spouse will take you to the days of love and romance.

Lucky Colour: Blue.

Auspicious Time: 9 am to 10.30 am.

Remedy: Keep a container filled with milk near your head side at night and pour it on a tree on your campus next morning, to enjoy good health.

Leo: A restless day today. Keep your quarrelsome tendency in check. Don’t vent out in a way that hurts anyone close to you. Keep yourself focused and calm. You may encounter stress because of lack of finance. Instead of scolding your children for their mistakes, you should deal with adverse situation with cool mind. You will love to spend your entire day at a peaceful place. You will get indulged in a romantic talk with your spouse.

Lucky Colour: Maroon.

Auspicious Time: 7 am to 9 am.

Remedy: Store water in copper vessels and drink it for excellent health benefits.

Virgo: You will notice a change in your behaviour. You will make judgment on people without any thought that can result in discord between you and others. Better to sit silent and relax and get involved in activities that you enjoy doing the most. Your financial condition will improve today. You will go for a candlelight dinner with your beloved. Talk to experts before venturing into any new project. You will spend the best evening of your life with your spouse.

Lucky Colour: Grey.

Auspicious Time: 8 pm to 10 pm.

Remedy: Offer green coconut at a religious place to maintain peace and harmony in family.

Libra: Despite hectic schedule your health will be fine. Before leaving the house, seek the blessings of elders so that you will be benefitted. Children might disappoint because they may fail to live up to your expectations. Encourage them and your dream might be fulfilled. It seems you might face the agony of beloved. At workplace, you will feel good today. Your coworkers will appreciate your work and boss will be happy with your progress. Businessmen of this zodiac sign will earn profits. Act swiftly to resolve the problems. This way you will get the recognition. An old issue between you two during a humorus discussion, might lead to an argument.

Lucky colour: Purple

Auspicious time: 12 pm to 2:30 pm

Remedy: Maintain harmony and balance in the family by using a white-light zero watt bulb in Northwest direction.

Scorpio: Today, you will be very active and agile. Above all, your health will fully support you. You will have health money inflow due to new sources of income. Today, a friend might seek your advice to resolve his personal issues. Your sweetheart will be your living angel today. Exercise caution and patience while dealing with people at workplace. You may today leave the office early. Hence, take advantage of it and go for an outing with family members. Today you will be awestruck by seeing a wonderful side of your beloved.

Lucky colour: Purple

Auspicious time: 11 am to 12 pm

Remedy: Chant अर्धकायं महावीर्यं चन्द्रादित्यविमर्दनम्। सिहिंकागर्भसम्भूतम तं राहुं प्रणमाम्यहम।। (Ardhakaayam Mahaaveeryam, Chandraaditya Vimardanam; Simhika Garbha Sambootham, Tam Rahum Pranamaamyaham) 11 times for a successful professional life.

Sagittarius: You will draw attention of others due to your charming behaviour. Even though your financial conditions will be strong today, keep in mind not to overspend. Your ability to convince others will help you resolve forthcoming problems. If you want to marry beloved, you need to talk to his/her today. It’s advisable to have an idea about how he/she feel about you beforehand. There’s little time to rest as pending task will keep you occupied. You must spend time in solitude away from everyone. It would be beneficial for you. It’s a good day to romance with your partner.

Lucky colour: Green

Auspicious time: 12 pm to 1 pm

Remedy: Avoid usage of tobacco and consumption of eggs, meat, fish and other tamasic food to reap benefits in your business/work life.

Capricorn: Your stress level may go down in company of humorous relatives.  Lending money to any one may put you in trouble.  Distant relatives may contact you after a long time.  At work, you may get the opportunity to showcase your skills.  You must learn to manage giving time to personal relationships and value them.

Lucky Colour: Olive Green.

Auspicious Time: Between 3 pm and 5 pm.

Remedy: Keep roots of Anantmool (Indian Sarsaparilla) wrapped in a red cloth.

Aquarius: Lack of money may lead to family discord.  Misusing personal relationships for your own benefit may upset your spouse.  A good day for businessmen.  Lack of time may create tiff between you and your partner.

Lucky Colour: Green.

Auspicious Time: Between 2:30 pm and 4:20 pm.

Remedy: Offer green chilli to parrot.

Pisces:  You may risk hurting the vanity of your friend with your frank and fearless views.   A new financial deal may bring fresh inflow of money.  You may spend some time reading a book.  Your and you would make some beautiful memories.

Lucky Colour: Violet.

Auspicious Time: Between 3:30 pm and 4 pm.

Remedy: Have milk and curd.

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