18 May 2023 Horoscope

18 May 2023 Horoscope Today, Rashifal, Lucky Colour, Astrological Prediction for Zodiac Signs.

Aries: Do things that you enjoy doing the most. Control your urge to spend too much on entertainment. Suitable day to plan something exciting and entertaining with friends. Pay attention to what you wear if you are planning an outing with your lover. Businessmen can be beneficial from growing demand. Charity and social work will draw your attention. You will have a romantic time with your spouse in the evening.

Lucky Colour: Maroon.

Auspicious Time: 10 am to 11.30 am.

Remedy: For better financial conditions, apply some oil on your body and in your belly button, and then take a bath.

Taurus: You will be energetic and confident. Don’t let the money factor spoil your relationship. Differences may emerge between you and your partner. Suitable day to achieve your goals. Those working in IT sector may get a call from abroad. Your seniors may be angry on your over incomplete tasks. You may spend your free time in completing your office work. Health condition of your spouse may become a matter of concern for you.

Lucky Colour: Deep Red.

Auspicious Time: 4.30 pm to 5.30 pm.

Remedy: Offering water on Shivling will be auspicious for love life.

Gemini: Try to be happy among close friends and family members. Seek advice from elders about money management. You might neglect your family due to occupancy in office work. Don’t surrender to emotional demands of your lover. Colleagues will extend cooperation at workplace. Suitable day for social as well as religious functions. You spouse’s behaviour may not be so good today.

Lucky Colour: Red.

Auspicious: 3 pm to 4 pm.

Remedy: To restore family happiness, keep a bunch of white flowers in a Silver vase at home.

Cancer: Time to improve your self-confidence to deal with challenges in life. You will face obstructions at workplace today. Handle with care and grace, outcome will be great. If you are habitual alcoholic, today is a very auspicious day to quit the habit. You will earn money without any assistance. You will complain about negligence by your beloved ruining your relationship. Better, you should spend valuable time with your beloved and recall sweet memories that you had spent together in the past. You will extend your emotional support to wife. Today, you may spend money with spouse and make your day memorable.

Lucky Colour: Light Green.

Auspicious Time: 10 am to 11.15 am.

Remedy: Serve divyang persons and offer them sesame-based savouries to get bliss in family.

Leo: You will think more to explore paths to get success in life. Need to take care of your health. Focus on longstanding feud related to land, property and real estate for solution. No need to think the past as you have prosperous time ahead. All your efforts will bear fruits. Travel is on the cards and you will meet your romantic partner during the journey. You will realise significance of marriage today. A very good day as very interesting things are going to happen.

Lucky Colour: Red.

Auspicious Time: 4 pm to 6 pm.

Remedy: Offer seeds of Dhatura (black-thorn apple) to Lord Shiva to have good results for health and mind.

Virgo: It’s time to update your social life. Meet new people and have contacts for future. You will gain financially. You will be able to clear your debts and loans. Avoid indulging into any form of argument with anyone. Try to improve your skills to deliver the best at workplace. Today is the best day of your married life as you will feel that your spouse is the pillar of your life.

Lucky Colour: Blue.

Auspicious Time: 3 pm to 4 pm.

Remedy: Apply saffron mark on Peepal tree and tie it with a loose yellow thread to increase happiness in family.

Libra:  Unexpected responsibilities will disrupt your day’s plan-You will find yourself doing much for others and less for yourself. Don’t lose heart-failures are quite natural they are the beauty of life. Things might turn really awesome for you at work today, if you just said a ‘Hello’ to the one who hates you. Natives of this zodiac sign are very interesting. Sometimes they will feel alive amidst their friends, but would love to spend time alone at times. Adding to it, you’ll be able to take out some ‘me’ time from your busy schedule. Your spouse might get too much engrossed with his/her work today, which will make you feel really upset.

Lucky colour: After 4 pm
Auspicious time: Green
Remedy:  Put some sacred grass (Kusha) in bathing water to enhance family happiness.

Scorpio: Court will make decisions in your favour today if you were involved in a case regarding money-related matters. It will benefit you financially. Be generous in your approach and spend good loving moments with your family members. Don’t give up to emotional demands of your lover. Associate today with experienced people and learn from what they have to say. Today, you would like to do all the things that you used to love during your childhood. You might have a serious argument with your spouse today.

Lucky colour: Green
Auspicious time: 3 pm to 5 pm
Remedy: Offer oil and prasad in any Shani temple and increase romance in your relationship.

Sagittarius: Today, you may face money-related issues, and ask your father or a father-like individual you cherish for suggestions. Sort out personal problems by understanding eachother’s point of view. Do not bring them in public otherwise chances of defaming you are high. Likely to go on a pleasure trip that will rejuvinate your energy and passion. Opportunities to show your skills will be with you today. Travel plans if any-might get postponed due to last minute changes in your schedule. You will spend the best day of your life with your spouse today.

Lucky colour: 2 pm to 3.30 pm
Auspicious time: Yellow
Remedy: Water stored and kept in Sun in a green colored glass bottle will bring plenty of happiness to family members.

Capricorn: You’d be in good health. Your finances may boost. However, expenditures me rise too.  There could be possibility of a romantic trip.  Pitching new ideas at workplace may improve your profile.  Your married life would be colourful.

Lucky Colour: Yellow.

Auspicious Time: Between 10 am and 11:30 am.

Remedy: Accept rice and silver from your mother and keep it at home.

Aquarius: You may spend quite some time engaged in sports. Investment concerning your residence would be profitable.  Festive vibes at home may ease your tension.  Unnecessary doubts and suspicions may hamper your relationship.  Attending trade show or seminar may improve your business contacts. Your spouse may suffer from ill-health.

Lucky Colour: Purple.

Auspicious Time: Between 9 am and 10 am.

Remedy: Offer karpoor-aarti to Lord Krishna.

Pisces: You may work on improving your personality. An uninvited guest may stop by your house. Financial benefits may come your way.  There could be harsh disagreements between you and your partner. Enrolling yourself in short0-term programs may up your skills.  Your spouse’ health may stress you.

Lucky Colour: Yellow.

Auspicious Time: Between 3 pm and 5 pm.

Remedy: Keep 1 black and 10 golden fish in aquarium at home.

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