15 April 2023 Horoscope

15 April 2023 Horoscope Today, Rashifal, Lucky Colour, Astrological Prediction For Zodiac Signs.

Aries: Don’t neglect health matters. Businessmen might gain monetary benefits with the help of close friend. You will be able to clear family debts. You might catch the attention of someone special while being in your group. Things will be in your favour at workplace. You will feel lucky in married life.

Lucky Colour: Yellow.

Auspicious Time: Before 3.30 pm.

Remedy: For excellent health benefits, feed chapatis to white cow.

Taurus: Your short temper may cause trouble. Illness of infants may keep you worried. Pressure at work and home might make you short-tempered. You may watch a movie or match at home with their siblings today. By giving little effort, your married life will become amazing.

Lucky Colour: Blue.

Auspicious Time: 4 pm to 5 pm.

Remedy: Helping and serving people with Leprosy and caring for hearing and speech impaired people can help in maintaining very good health.

Gemini: You will have ample time to do things to improve your health and looks. You will have urge to earn quick money. You will get time to spend with family members and friends. Your mind will be occupied with thoughts of your lover. You will be energetic at workplace despite being burdened with work. You will be able to complete tasks before stipulated time. You will have a good time with your spouse in the evening.

Lucky Colour: Grey.

Auspicious Time: 11 am to 12.30 pm.

Remedy: Gift your lover yellow coloured flowers to build strong bonds of love and affection.

Cancer: Someone you love will make you feel angry. Your are extremely sensitive and want others understand you; but it never happens all the time. Try to control your emotions and focus on your duties. You will feel uncomfortable at workplace as your valuable items may be stolen by one of your colleagues. Time to take your parents into confidence regarding your projects and plans. You will fall in love. You will be admired for your artistic and creative abilities. Your spouse will get annoyed with you at your mood. In the evening, you will make your environment romantic and will spend best time with your spouse.

Lucky Colour: Grey.

Auspicious Time: Do anything after 11.30 am.

Remedy: By chanting of Gayatro chalisa and Gayatri Mantra regularly, your financial condition will improve.

Leo: Think before you speak. You will get puzzled over unwanted thoughts. Get engaged in physical activities to keep unnecessary stress at bay. Keep your money at safe place as there is a chance of theft today. Do not act out of greed, but love and positive vision. One of your past friends may contact you and make your day memorable. Your spouse will win hearts of your parents. Grab new opportunities that come your money. Married life will be romantic.

Lucky Colour: Avoid wearing anything in Yellow.

Auspicious Time: 11 am to 12 pm.

Remedy: Distribute white sweets among poor children especially girls for good health.

Virgo: You will help elderly in your family. Spend some time with senior members of your family. They might not be vocal about it, but they enjoy your company. You may get profit in business today. Your time will go in finishing pending household work. You will have a healthy communication with your beloved. Do not react if your sweetheart do not keep his/her promise. Sort out the issue through dialogue. You and your spouse will be deeply involved in romantic talk.

Lucky Colour: White.

Auspicious Time: 5 pm to 6 pm.

Remedy: Place red stones in all four corners of your house for bliss in family.

Libra: Your health will remain perfect today. Some property deals will materialize, which will give you good profits. Family members will extend full support to your plans. Today, you will not be in a mood to work in the office. You will not be able to concentrate on your work because of some issues. You will spend time with your beloved and express your feelings in front of him/her. But you will get to see the not-so-good side of his/her.

Lucky colour: 2 pm to 3.30 pm
Auspicious time: Lilac
Remedy: For a smooth love life, donate leather shoes to needy people.

Scorpio: People of this zodiac sign will venture out and have fun. You will have the desire to earn quick money. Prioritize the needs of your family. Share their joy and sorrow to make them realize that you care for them. You will be in a position to put together major land deals and also coordinate with many people in entertainment projects. You will get enough time today to do some pending tasks. Your spouse will be in a mood to surprise you.
Lucky colour: Yellow
Auspicious time: 5 pm to 6.30 pm
Remedy: Gain favorable results out of love life by reciting Goddess Durga Kavach (armour of Durga).
Sagittarius: You might feel weak today. So don’t go on long journey. You will make good money if you put your savings into conservative investments. Your children will make you happy. Change your nature of keep falling in love everyday. Defer new project and expenses. You should explore travel opportunities. You might get into an argument with you spouse today and you will get frustrated because of this.


Lucky colour: Yellow
Auspicious time: 2.30 pm to 4 pm
Remedy: For good business and work life, keep windows of the house open early morning and let Sun rays enter.

Capricorn:  You would be in an active and agile mood. Your health would completely support you.  There could be plans for a family get-together and dinner.  A lot of your money may get spent.  A better communication and understanding with spouse would ensure your marital bliss.  Travelling may improve your romantic relationship.  Some may prefer spending their free time in park or a quite place.

Lucky Colour: White.

Auspicious Time: Between 12 pm and 3:30 pm.

Remedy:   Wear black and white colour combination shoes.

Aquarius: You would remain in good health. There could be plans of outdoor games with friends.  Investing in stocks and mutual funds may bring your long-term gains. Your love life would remain blissful.  Despite being overburdened with work, you would stay enthusiastic at workplace.   Some may go for a distant-journey which may be hectic but rewarding.  You would be appreciated and treated by your spouse.

Lucky Colour: Rose Pink.

Auspicious Time: Between 6 pm and 7 pm.

Remedy:  Wear a seven mukhi Rudraksha.

Pisces:  It would be better to keep away from alcohol for it could disturb your sleep cycle.  You may receive some life-shaping advice from an important person.  Your witty nature would attract many eyes around you.  An old friend may cross paths with you and that would be joyful. It would be better to work silently and let it speak for you. In free time, you may meditate to ensure some mental peace. A romantic day in your conjugal life.

Lucky Colour: Light Blue.

Auspicious Time: Between 4:35 pm and 5:35 pm.

Remedy: Regularly water a tamarind tree.

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